“I found Rich to be a very patient instructor. He answered every question directed at him in a simple and uncomplicated manner. He was very approachable and took time to explain the information. He was the most professional instructor I have spent time with in my many years of learning.” Client Testimonial

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Rich Kay is the Director and Senior Tactical Trainer of Modern Combatives. He is an internationally certified instructor-trainer, with certifications through ASP, PPCT and SIG SAUER, and is a certified SIMUNITION Safety Supervisor and Force-on-Force Safety Instructor. He spent time in the Australian military and has extensive experience in private security operations. As the primary instructor-trainer for defensive tactics, firearms and reality-based trainingin the security industry in Victoria, he has certified instructors from across Australia and overseas. In 2001 Rich attained the prestigious ASP Trainer Certification for law enforcement use of force training, and served on the ASP Board of Examiners from 2011-2017. He travels overseas regularly to further his professional development on an international scale, liaising with public safety personnel from America, Asia, Europe and Australasia. Internationally to date, he has instructed in Belgium, USA, Portugal, Hong Kong, Spain and New Zealand, and conducts regular programs in Australia.

Rich has been studying martial and combative systems since 1984. His martial disciplines include karate, aikido, ba gua, hsing-i, tai chi, bojutsu, iaijutsu and Filipino knife combat, and he has studied the combative systems of Systema (Russian Military), Cloquba Hajutsu (US Law Enforcement), Krav Maga (Israeli Military) and SAFTA (US Special Operations). He is the principal instructor of Nihon Goshu Karatejutsu, holds black belts in Karate (6th dan) and Cloquba Hajutsu (3rd degree), and is a certified Systema Instructor. He has trained in Japan on 6 occasions and in 2007 in Japan he was awarded a Bubishi text and Shidoin teaching license from Ohtsuka Tadahiko Hanshi (Goju-Kensha Karate-do Renmai) and registration with the Japan Goju-Ryu Federation.

As a specialist personal security consultant, Rich has designed and implemented aggression management programs for health and community services, and personal security courses for civilians. He has consulted to organisations regarding safety for staff in high risk situations, provided opinion for investigations and legal cases involving operational safety and training, and conducted protective security escorts for persons at risk. Rich maintains close links with regulatory bodies for the development of regulations and training, has presented at conferences nationally on aggression management and internationally on operational safety, and is a member of The International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association.

He is a regular contributor of articles on operational safety, tactical options, training methodologies, personal security, interpersonal conflict and aggression management, and is the author of 3 books - The Operational Safety Handbook, The Personal Safety Handbook and The Living Bubishi.     full bios »

"Rich is one of the finest defensive tactics trainers I have come across. He offers a professional and engaging range of training opportunities which will encourage officers or colleagues to develop skills well above the industry standard. In fact, Richs programs should be the industry standard! His understanding and approach to teaching will leave operational staff better equipped and confident to conduct their professional duties. I have no hesitation in recommending Rich."
Wayne Aldous (Security Manager at La Trobe University, Australia)

"I have worked along side Rich since 2004.  He always displays a professional demeanor and is considered one of the senior trainers, often sought out for advice and guidance by the newer trainers. Rich makes both professional and personal sacrifices to maintain his trainer status and expertise.  He is truly a professional!"
     Mike Son (ASP Trainer & Tactical Police Officer, USA)

"I have worked with Rich the past 10 years as law enforcement trainers. Rich has proven to be an exceptional ASP trainer and is a subject matter expert in providing quality tactical law enforcement skills to students. Rich has always been held in high regard within the ASP training circle and has served ASP well as a member of the training board."
     Ronald Schwint (ASP Trainer & Faculty at Law Enforcement Program at Minnesota West Community & Technical College, USA)

“Rich is a proven and outstanding trainer. He is safety minded, detail oriented, current and tactically sound; honest, committed and dedicated to the profession”.
     Sam Faulkner (ASP Trainer & Chief of Police, Mechanicaburg Police Department, USA)

“Having known Rich for the past couple of years I'm more than happy to provide this recommendation on his behalf. Rich is a committed and professional senior trainer (instructor-trainer) with a real world approach to his role. Rich has an advanced education level behind years of operational knowledge and experience. He provides positive leadership skills and in many instances adopts a positive process that allows him to analyse, priorities and achieve successful outcomes for his clients and colleagues alike. Rich's skills are complimented by his ability to quickly assess the needs of a person and then provide documentation and training that offers an operational perspective, accountability and long term projections of the immediate objectives. I have studied a number of courses under the instruction and direction of Rich and have enjoyed his delivery method. I encourage any prospective client or student to spend time with Rich, because without doubt you will find he is honest, reliable and competent in his approach as a professional services provider”.
     David Rossborough (Security Trainer & Firearms Instructor)

“I met Rich in around 2005 when he was an instructor on a requalification course I was attending. Since then I have been instructed by and have attended courses alongside Rich. He has an immense depth of knowledge about the topics he delivers instruction on (Security Training, Firearms, Defensive Tactics) and he delivers the material in a way that is thoroughly engaging, logical and easy to understand. I would highly recommend Rich anyone seeking instruction on these topics”.

     Gavin Queit (Director at GK Solutions Pty Ltd & Firearms Instructor)

“Rich is an expert tactical trainer; he researches the latest materials and tests them before delivering, validating and assessing the students. He is approachable, and personable. I highly recommend Rich in the field of tactical training”.
     James Ning (Security Trainer & Firearms Instructor)

“Rich is a very competent trainer in firearms and defensive tactics and is held in high esteem in the security industry. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”
     Allan Harris JP (Security Trainer, Defensive Tactics & Firearms Instructor)

“I had the pleasure of attending a defensive tactics instructor course with Rich. Not only was there the utmost professionalism present throughout the process, but the program as a whole, Rich's delivery, motivation and in depth realistic knowledge clearly reflects his commitment and passion towards the industry.”
     Bryan McFarlane (Director at ACET Security Training College)

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Modern Combatives was established in 2006 as a result of over 20 years training and operational experience. Our instructors have extensive real world experience, and are focused on the practical reality of the modern operational environment. They all share 2 common traits - they 'walk the talk', and they are committed to the safety of operational personnel on the job. Train with us and experience the difference.